Drawings on Cotton.

For a few years now I have been playing with a method of producing drawings on cotton on plywood as a way of arriving at a result with similar surface aesthetics to paper but without the need for glass framing. This means that quite large drawings can be rendered and the finished item is manageable and durable. I am now satisfied after several years of tests that the method works. The surface is sealed and can be wiped with a soft, damp cloth.

My last test piece is a drawing in graphite on cotton on ply.

It’s only a small work at 51 x 82 cm. $750.

Titled “Sunlit Paddock - New England” it was sourced near Argyle NSW.

It will be exhibited at the Old Kirk Gallery in Yamba from October 27 until November 23rd 2018. The group exhibition is a celebration of graphite as a medium.