Support for my old High School Art Department

On June 10 2017 my old High School in Perth (Mount Lawley) will be conducting their annual Art Auction to raise funds for the Arts at the school. I have been pleased to provide them with 2 paintings for the auction.

The annual auction features a hundred + artworks with low reserves, so if you have some wallspace and like the energy of an auction, get along and make a bid.

The two works are Goldfields Lake and MacDonnells Slope.

Tweed Valley series

Since winter 2015 I have been scouring the Tweed Valley for images, sketching whatever looks promising. I have been overwhelmed by the quantity of locations that offer potential.

In March 2016, an old painting friend, Jeff Makin, visited us for a few days in the field and was similarly impressed. It is a goldmine of powerful imagery, always with a theatrical aspect because of the micro-climate created in the caldron of the old volcanic rim.

I'm just now (May '15) beginning to put the drawings into paint.

The "40 Years On" Exhibition

The "40 Years On" Exhibition has now had both its openings at The Southport School's on campus St. Albans Gallery and then at Bruce Watling Gallery at Burleigh Heads. 
What a hectic 10 days!! Plenty of unwrapping, hanging, talking, re-wrapping and re-hanging going on.

The week at the St. Alban's Gallery saw about 450 people take a look at the work on display and the opening yesterday afternoon at Burleigh had a supportive group of about 35 people show up for the second showing. 
The curious thing for me was that at both venues, the powerful larger paintings sold but the small, more intimate ones didn't.

The work will remain on display at Bruce Watling's until August 23 and his hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm. You can call the gallery on 0756 333 597.

Has Art Drifted into novelty Entertainment

I often see blockbuster exhibitions making headlines for their attendance numbers. Works are large scale and novel, viewers are awed. Has this quest for novelty, impact, attention turned art practice away from a personal exploration, a subtle cognitive exercise in expression?